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Project and Land Assessment Needs Service

“A non-financial analytical tool to uncover why a project may be faltering or not meeting objectives, to analyze the results of inquiry and suggest guidelines, adjustments in the project planning and approval process to rectify problems and allow for alternate approaches to meet changing conditions. Also as a method of assessing a proposed development and the related real estate to ensure startup, due diligence and entitlement processes have appropriate priorities set so they lead to a viable and trouble free project.“

Standard Project and Land Assessment Needs Services
Formal Investigation / Enquiry

This would be fully supported by project ownership or commissioned and paid for by project manager

  • Interview all project team members, all related utilities, regulatory authorities and government officials involved with the project.
  • Conduct property investigation specifically zoning, county time frames, site surveys, restrictions.
  • Evaluate input for shortfalls in deliverables, analyze project objectives.
  • Offer potential solutions to problem areas, alternatives to planning to solve property design constraints as needed.
  • Provide guidelines for better project team coordination, facilitate Project Team meetings, re-align schedules and deliverables and set or reset appropriate milestones.
  • Establish a proposal and fee for overseeing improvements or taking over the project management.


Development Startup and Land Assessment Needs Services
Pre- Due Diligence or as the Due Diligence

Preliminary evaluation of property’s development potential, fully supported by project ownership.

  • Interview project interest holder, all related city and regulatory authorities.
  • Analyze property in terms of surrounding real estate market, zoning, restrictions, and site constraints.
  • Identify potential hurdles and problems relating to physical aspects of site, technical and/or political difficulties with proposed concept.
  • Provide feedback to help with the entitlement guidelines and possible alternate uses for the property.
  • Assist with concept development and provide direction to new teams using CDG’s management tools.
  • Utilize special service packages by associates as appropriate to identify/isolate specific problem areas.


Informal Project and Land Assessment Needs Services Discrete Inquiry

Evaluation for someone with some interest in the project.

  • Restricted version of formal investigation, limited only by level of discretion required and CDG’s level of knowledge and familiarity with the project team members.
  • Interview all related utilities, regulatory authorities and government officials involved with the project.
  • Provide feedback on current status of the property and the proposed project’s concept.

To set up a meeting to delve into how our service can benefit you, please call Kim Catalano at 719-266-4072, Cell 719-660-8089 or contact via email at kimcatalano@adelphia.net

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