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Founders Vision:

The Catalano Development Group, LLC in affiliation with Way Architects, P.C., offers combined experience of 60 years and can provide complete Planning, Due Diligence, Entitlement, complete Development Approval Process Coordination, Architectural Design, Construction Administration and Financial Analysis Services for a wide variety of Development projects.

Since 1974, when the principal Kim Catalano founded AA Ecologica Ltd. through to the Catalano Way Group (the precursor to CDG) and now the Catalano Development Group LLC, the overall vision and purpose that has been brought to every real estate development, business venture and construction project has never wavered. Although maintaining a respect for the environment, governmental regulations and surrounding communities/neighbors, the primary focus has always been to optimize the value of the property, potential of the development and the return to the owner/developer in the shortest period of time. However, in every development budget and program there has always been consideration given to address community issues and needs within the capabilities and process of the given development.
An example of how CDG attempts to optimize every effort and asset is demonstrated by the four way purpose of this website:

  1. To advertise Catalano Development Group’s services, capabilities and history of accomplishments and now, in particular promote the new PA Service.

  2. To provide a basis, and in consideration of our historical method of operation (of re-selling entitled projects to end developers), to promote our in-stream projects as well as PAS clients’ projects (depending upon pre-established strategies) to potential developers, investors, and builders, all three of which are generally integral to our approach to optimizing our opportunities/profits and as part of our exit strategy.

  3. To provide a simple method of communicating (and to ease access for downloading development plans, etc.) relevant in-stream project information to the city/county planning and other regulatory official, to nearby Home Owners Associations and community groups, affected neighborhoods and neighboring developers/builders. This open service and method of presenting information to the public has met with enthusiastic acceptance by the bureaucracy and government employees that are often overwhelmed with requests for development information. Added benefits to gaining the respect of the public, the search ids simple, costs them nothing to obtain, and presents an open and communicative image of us and the projects we represent. In certain instances it allows us to short-circuit objections by nearby residents by presenting our proposed solutions to development impacts such as noise, view obstruction, environmental concerns, such as dust and erosion control which are always required at some point and always questioned by some member of the public. We just take advantage of the website and our approach of open communication to deal with identifiable and typical issues early and demonstrate early on credibility, respectfulness to the developments neighbors and openness of communication and also when we are politically pinched getting the public onboard to fight City Hall if need be.

  4. Besides the foregoing, that is now in practice, we are hoping, by the end of January 2007, to have in place a display of project coordination, regularly updated, information for the Project Team of each project we have undertaken.

Founders History:

CDG, LLC is operated by Kim Catalano, trained as a Town Planner, offering:

  • 30 years of experience in all aspects of Real Estate Development and Project Management in both the United States and Canada

  • Hundreds of long-time, skilled, and connected associates from every discipline located across the western USA and Canada.

Personal Background:

  • He has been involved in the construction industry (surveying, road and layout, over lot grading, civil works installation, dam projects, major highway to rural road building, and sewage treatment plants) since his teens and through his years at college, studying to become a Regional / Community Planner.

  • For over 30 years, he has worked as a Development Planner and Project Manager for all types of Real Estate Developments.

  • Being able to foresee, understand and plan for the construction development implementation issues that every project faces has become a natural and intricate personal attribute valued by associates, clients and investors. This skill has consistently led to trouble-free implementation of projects after the entitlement process was complete.


  • Initiates and oversees not only the basic concept of development, design, and engineering, but also coordinates civil and vertical construction to completion.

  • Raised both investment equity contributions and bank financing for a wide variety of development projects.

  • Created and managed marketing programs, makes appeals to higher levels of government (Provincial, State and Federal) and most often WORKS MAGIC to solve problems in relation to site constraints, scheduling problems and regulatory hurdles.