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1) Design Development Base Plan
1). Final Plat-Phase One Plan.

Revisions-TEM Submittal Information and Plans Pending Approval

Oct 8th, 2004 Letter to Planning Commission

October, 2004 TEM Agenda

Typical Landscape Details

Modified DDBP-Sample Lot Sizes and Dimensions

Modified DDBP-Sample Lot Sizes and Dimensions Layout

Design Development Base Plan

Design Development Base Plan Layout

Typical Elevation


In order to view the individual drawings, please click on the appropriate link within the following Development Approval Sunmittal Package Letter.


Dear Mike,

Please find, accompanying this cover letter, the complete Development Approval Submittal Package for the proposed Trail’s End, Monument Land Development. This letter provides an index for the entire submittal package including portions previously submitted and portions that will have delayed time frames, as noted. Also, noted and cross referenced, for your convenience, are some of the areas of concern from the review submittal letter that have been adjusted revised or amended, according to our subsequent discussions and/or correspondence.

A. Annexation Submittal (Complete except for additional requests as application process proceeds).

1) Fiscal/Community Impact Analysis (Richmond Demographic Report previously
2) Title Insurance Commitment (Previously submitted via e-mail).
3) Draft Annexation Agreement (Previously hand delivered).
4) Outline of Voluntary Community Contributions (Previously submitted and revised via e-mail).
5) Water Court Adjudication Costs Contribution addressed in VCC's (refer to item 'A4') and Tom Wall’s recommendation (refer to item 'E5').

6) Annexation Plan

B. Zoning, Master Plan and Preliminary Plan/Plat Submittal (30 copies of each)

1) Cover Sheet (Describes proposed Development Zones).
2) Site Plan (Demonstrates proposed Development Zoning).
3) Preliminary Plat/Plan (with reference to Preliminary Facilities plan details).
4) Preliminary Finished Grading Plan.
5) Preliminary Facilities Plan.

C. Final PD Site Plan Submittal (30 copies of each)

1) Cover Sheet (includes concept description for commercial building).
2) Site Plan (includes description of fencing to be used in common areas).
3) Site Details (includes mail kiosk plan/commercial building concept plot plan and easements).
4) Preliminary Finished Grading Plan.
5) Preliminary Facilities Plan.
6) Tree Relocation Plan (includes samples of lot plot plans).
7) Preliminary Lighting Plan.
8) Preliminary Plan/Plat (reference for lot dimensions and areas).
9) Typical Residential Plot Plans (including typical easement requirements).

10) Landscaping (will include details of common area fencing and possibly residential fencing - delivery before August 1st).

D. Final Plat-Phase One Submittal (30 copies of each except as noted)

1. Final Plat-Phase One Plan.
2. Civil Construction Documents (delivery before August 1st).
3. Final Drainage Report for Phase One (delivery before August 1st w/CD’s, as needed).

E. Submittal Package Required Exhibits (3 copies of each except as noted)

1) Project Description Narrative.
2) Preliminary Overall Drainage Report. (5 copies)
3) Entech Engineering Reports:
a. Soils Testing Report (includes note regarding Preliminary and Final paving testing and requirements).
b. Geo-Hazard Report.
c. Phase One Environmental Report.
4) Traffic Impact Analysis (5 copies)
5) Water Allocation (Refer to Tom Wall's recommendation to Board of
6) Wildlife Report (with focus on Preble Mouse Habitat), including receipt of delivery to U.S. Fish and Wildlife stamped on cover letter.
7) Utility Service Availability Letters:
a) Monument Sanitation District Copy of Record of Proceedings (March 16,
2004) granting approval to proceed.
b. Adelphia Letter (June 25, 2004).
c. Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. Letter (June 24, 2004).
d. Qwest Communications Letter (June 25, 2004).
e. Aquila Gas Distribution Letter (June 26, 2004).
8) Treasurer's Certificate of Taxes (dated June 25th, valid thru July 30,
9) Draft HOA Budgets, Monthly Dues, CCR’s, etc. by builder (to be provided to T of M by September 1st).

F. Submittal Package Supplemental Exhibits (1 copy of each)

1) Design Development Base Plan (Composite Plan of Technical Impacts and Site Plan Derivation).
2) Temporary Sale's Trailer Location Site Plan for proposed Commercial Lot (Temporary land use request - refer to 'B1' and 'B2'; ‘C1’, ‘C2’, and ‘C3’).
3) Plan of Samples of Typical Residential Footprints.
4) Kiowa Engineering Synopsis for Lift Station including site permit approval process schedule.
5) Schematic landscape area distribution plan-LDC Jeff/James